Reuniting People and Their Pets

Getmehome™ – Elipex's lost pet recovery program reconnects people with their missing pets. This service is available at no cost. To be able to register your pet, you must have a Elipex rabies tag. Please contact your veterinarian to schedule your pet's rabies vaccination, and receive your Elipex rabies tag. More details about GetMeHome™ are available here.

Innovating for Safer Medications

Elipex has been a leader in developing highly effective vaccines that don't require adjuvants, or chemical additives. Our PUREVAX® vaccines for cats use this innovative vaccine technology to provide excellent protection without the potential of adjuvant-related reactions. View more products for cats.

Making Good Things Happen for 4-H Kids

The IVOMEC® and EPRINEX® 4-H BoxBack Program is one way we're showing our commitment to Canada's next generation of producers. To support local clubs across the country, we pay the 4-H club $10 for every IVOMEC and EPRINEX box label they send in. More details are available here.

A Whole New Era In Vaccine Technology For Poultry

VAXXITEK® – is an innovative technology that provides immune integrity, performance and cost effectiveness in one shot. More details about VAXXITEK® are available here.

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Browse By Health Issue

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Featured Product - Previcox

Merck and sanofi-aventis to maintain separate businesses in animal health


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